Blog 39: I have no writing assignment

My last day of Nancy’s Writing From The Heart Workshop: by Denise Guest

I have no writing assignment for the evening,

I just finished dinner, nothing to read to everyone at the table after dinner tonight, Gee Wiz I feel at a loss…

I have no writing assignment tonight. I’m untethered in my new found passion- Weightless through my own transformation of feelings of letting go and viewing my stories from above.

There’s freedom in this! Freedom to move ahead , share the stories and most all “not miss the ride” !

I fidget at dinner ,my note book on the table beside me facedown-I pick it up.

Put it down, 3 times.

What can I write about- I can’t NOT write !

Will Nancy be uneasy if every morning she peeks out her window at 9:00 AM and I am sitting in the circle, alone and on rainy days, slip into the studio and just wait?

I’ll bring bread!

Heck, I’ll bake the bread!

The melding voices becoming familiar over the last 4 days. The faces of sorrow , joy , pain , laughter , pardon , deceit and LOVE.

Viewing the world through so many camera lens-Each bringing into focus infinity perspectives  . My wish to each and every writer –

To feel the lightness and freedom as I do. A gift to be embraced not set aside because the workshop is over.

There’s no shelf wide enough to place this gift upon.

Four days- all stepping stones across raging waters ,quiet streams ,dried decayed creeks , waves certain to pummel one to pieces.

Then there we are in a group photo! We Made It ! We did it !

Grab those oars and row your boat, clasp your pens like they are extensions of your hearts and Write-Write-Write !