Prompt 11: Grand-Parents & Grand-Kids

My five year old grandson is sneaking a sip of my seltzer. The bubbles crinkle his nose and he says, "I love seltzer Gramma."

"Me too," I say.

"We have a lot in common E," I continue. "We both love seltzer." 

"And we both love water," he says. "We love the ocean. We love pools and we both love the hot tub."

"What else do we have in common?" I ask.

"We both love bacon," he offers.

"And we both love reading," I add.

"And doing art," he chimes.

It’s silent for minute and then he says, "and we can both walk on anything. Because our bottoms are tough."

In summer Eli and I take our shoes off as soon as we see each other. 

 How did this happen? This unadulterated pure joy!!  This  magic. This beauty.

I have suspended all my judgment, all my rules about money, food, time. This boy who sailed into my heart with the wind at his back and the sun in his smile.

Everyone told me I'd be over the moon. I didn’t even know what that meant.

Now I think goodnight moon full moon moon June he’ll be over soon.

Everything changes with a grandchild.

P.S. I bumped into a fellow gramma while I was with a fellow gramma and we were all bragging about our grand kids and she said, "Here are the rules for grandmothers: shut your mouth and open your pocketbook."

We all cracked up laughing.

PROMPT 11: If you've got one write about what it's been like. If you haven't make one up. If you've been one write about being a grandchild.

Share your writing. You know the rules.

1. Write for ten minutes without stopping, thinking or censoring yourself.

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