Book Project Announcement: Letter from Nancy Slonim Aronie

Dear Writing from the Heart alumns:

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I know what I know as a writer, teacher, storyteller and human. I know how much hearts grow, swell and open when unburdened. I've seen how much people change, fall in love with themselves and each other after writing and sharing words and truth in workshops. It happens every single time!

Writing from the heart offers a portable and affordable tool. So many think writing is only for writers or publication but we know it's life-saving. Writing is for everyone and helps hurting hearts heal.

You know how we do lots of prompts related to childhood? You know how I always have say, "You have to write your pain out of your body?"

Well guess what? I've got a book project and proposal brewing. It will expand on what I wrote in Writing from the Heart.

(Writing from the Heart: Tapping the Power of Your Inner Voice can be ordered via  Zero Toys )

(Writing from the Heart: Tapping the Power of Your Inner Voice can be ordered via Zero Toys)

There will be research as well about the impact of childhood adversity, trauma and how writing and being witnessed heals. That's where my co-collaborator Christine "Cissy" White comes in. She's a writer, friend (has been my assistant too).

Cissy likes all the studies and data. You can find details about her writing and activism at Heal Write Now.

We both know writing is healing. We aim to let those carrying childhood pain into adult lives, bodies, hearts and souls know too. 

Our working title is: Your Childhood is Making you Fat, Sick & Dead: Write to Heal.

It will include all I have felt, seen, experienced, witnessed and heard about how and why writing heals childhood wounds and helps hearts heal.

Call for Submissions / YOUR Writing

We would love you to contribute.

We will be including 30 essays from Writing from the Heart workshop alumns.

Do you want to participate?

The prompt will be the same for everyone. It's the one that always calls up home. I give it first at most workshops. "Dinner at My House Was..."

  • Keep Word Count to 1000 words or less

    • Older piece written to this prompt is fine as long as it has not been published anywhere else.

    • Deadline: August 21st, 2015 (extended from June)

    • You can use your full name, initials or write anonymously.

  • We will choose 30 essays for the book relating to childhood neglect, abuse or dysfunction. 

    • ALL the writing will be shared on my website over the next several months.

  • We'd love to hear in a page or less how Writing from the Heart (the writing process or the workshop) impacted you and your healing.

    • Testimonials and insights about how writing from the heart has helped your healing to 300 words. 

  • Please send your writing to

We can't wait to hear from you.

All my love!