How to Post on the Blog

Due to several request for help posting to the blog we've decided to create this help post. The blog is hosted by, which can be a pain in the neck. It's not you, it's the blog. You can read the Adding a Blog Comment or follow the directions below.


1. Go to the blog and click on the title of the specific blog on which you'd like to comment.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the blog post until you see the comment field. Type, or copy and paste, your comment or story into the comment field.

3. On the bottom, right of the comment field you will see two options. "Preview" and "Post Comment." You may choose "Preview" if you'd like to see how your comment will look before you actually post it. If you are happy with your comment you can choose "Post Comment."

4. Once you choose "Post Comment" you will be taken to a log in page titled "Post a Comment." This is necessary so that we know who is making the comment. From here you have several options. 

OPTION 1: Comment as Guest.

To comment as a guest you must enter information in the first two fields (Name and email address). Then choose "Comment as Guest." This option will post your comment and the name you entered. Your email address will NOT be posted. 

OPTION 2: Login to Comment.

To log in to comment, choose "Login to Comment." You will be taken to another page titled "Log into Squarespace." This page gives you options to log in.  If you have a account you can log into that account by typing in your email address and password into the appropriate fields. Then click "Log In."

If you would like to create a account choose "Create an Account" on the bottom, left. If you cannot remember your login information, you can choose "Recover Account" and follow the prompts.

On this page, you can also login using your already existing Facebook, Google, or Twitter account. Choose the account you'd like to use to login with on the bottom right and follow the prompts.