Blog 27: Things I Carry...

Things I Carry

By Maureen Ferry

I don’t carry around much anymore.  Because I really do not want to be so bothered .  A small back pack works wonders. It has pockets and places for all I need a and a few empty spaces for thingsI might pick up along the way.

I carry my Medicare card because I worked and earned the right to supplement my benefits. I have keys because they open doors. I carry a flashlight. One single beam can always put me on the road if I get lost in the dark.  I know it’s not really a choice, but I do carry a little food for the monkeys. They will never really go away so why fight them.

Along with these essentials I carry a camera, my notebook and pen, a book to read and the wisdom and compassion of my teachers, living here and in the next world.

Caesar, a Spanish man who gave me my first functioning 35 mm camera.  At 17 years old, lying about my age, I had enrolled in the NY Institute of photography.

My only equipment was a Yashica2 by 2 single reflex box camera. It was given to me by a favorite uncle. He had won it in a poker game in France during WW II. I guess he saw the spirit I was trying to develop with an affordable totally automatic Instamatic I bought myself at the 1964/65World’s Fair in FlushingQueens.

Fast Forward to middle age. At a workshop, Nancy, a Jew  told me all I needed to write was a notebook and pen. She called me a storyteller and said that I had a gift and to honor it. 

My notebook and pen have knocked down walls. It shows me streets and avenues and paths to open spaces.  I learned to forgive my parents, respect my ancestors and honor my own students.

I realize now that we are all gifts. Gifts to each other and guidance comes rom love and support rather than genetics.

I carry the wisdom of my Chinese Tai-ChiMasters. They taught me the true meaning of Body-Mind –and Spirit. They shared their culture and education, and showed me the way to free myself thru meditation.

But mostly they showed me how to share.  In their honor I have students, constantly re-in forcing my favorite exercise. “ Student becomes the teacher, Teacher becomes the student.“ They guide me from eternity.

And for this I am grateful not frightened.

I no longer have the equipment to carry children, but I hope and pray I will never lose the ability to hold a hand. Yes, I only carry the things that are necessary now. Thanks to all my teachers. Those who taught me that “Less Is Better.“ 

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Prompt: Things I Carry...