The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Prompt 8

A few years ago I took a workshop with Jack Kornfield the wise and wonderful Buddhist teacher. One of the things he talked about was the stories we tell ourselves to ourselves (about ourselves).

The morning after his lecture I was walking around the Kripalu trail. There had been a dusting of snow and I slipped and I fell. I learned so much from that fall. The first thing I did was look around to see if anyone saw me. God forbid I should be seen in a vulnerable state.

The next thing I did was take my boot off and put snow on my swelling ankle and began to hobble back to the main building. As I was hobbling I was thinking Well of course I fell. I have weak ankles.

Which then led me back to Jack's words. 

Wait a minute I thought. Wait just a New York minute. I don't have weak ankles. My sister has weak ankles.

And I wanted to be her. She was my idol. I wanted to have everything she had - including her weaknesses.

I started laughing right there. I made a vow to talk to have a talk with my ankles which are responding like steel girders. They are so happy to be redeemed. All those years of not ice skating because I was so sure I wouldn't be able to hold myself up.

When I got home I employed an 11-year old to teach me to skate. I'm not saying I'm ready for the Olympics but the fear is gone.

And the power has returned.

So now the prompt:

Prompt # 8: Write about a story you have been telling yourself that no longer serves you. 


1. Write for ten minutes without stopping, thinking or censoring yourself.

2. Post your writing in the comments below this post.

3. Include what classes you've taken (and when) and a short bio if you like. 

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