Prompt 6: Inspired by the Life & Poetry of Margaret "Peggy" Freydberg: What Dream is Next for You?

Excerpt from Vanity Fair, IN MEMORIAM, APRIL 8, 2015 1:00 PM, by Nancy Slonim Aronie

                                      Photo Credit: Eli Dagostino

                                      Photo Credit: Eli Dagostino

Margaret “Peggy” Freydberg lived in a cottage on Martha’s Vineyard and wrote beautiful, visual, introspective poetry that only a small circle of friends knew about. Her latest collection, Poems from the Pondedited by Laurie David, will be released later this month. Freydberg died on March 27, a few weeks after her 107th birthday. Her friend and fellow writer Nancy Slonim Aronie remembers Peggy, whose writing career was just about to launch. Read more...

PROMPT #6: What dream is next for you?

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