Letter in Support of Just One Drop

Dear YOU:

This letter (below)  is from my dear friend the brilliant filmmaker, Laurel Chiten.

Check her out and please support her most recent film; JUST ONE DROP

I did. 

Love, Nance

Letter from Laurel Chiten

I am an independent filmmaker now working on the final stages of a new documentary film "Just One Drop" that tells the untold story of homeopathy. We have been working on this film for many years and has just launched a crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign to raise finishing funds.


Nancy Aronie has kindly donated a few registrations to her amazing Chilmark Writers Workshop as a "perk". So if you choose to contribute, you can get a seat in my class as a gift!  I took this workshop many years ago and loved it! Life changing. Would highly recommend it! Consider buying this for yourself, or as a gift for your family or friends!

Not only are you getting the writing workshop but you are also getting a digital download of the finished film, AND a special thank you in the end credits of the film!

Just think: you can take Nancy's workshop, be on Martha's Vineyard, help fund an important film, get a digital download of Just One Drop, a thank you in the film credits, AND a tax deduction all at the same time! How much better does it get?

Please check out our campaign, watch a reel, and consider making a tax deductible contribution and come take her class this summer. There are many other perks offered too.

Thank you!

Laurel Chiten

CEO Blind Dog Films