Blog 19: Hope-aholic?

A long time ago an ex husband of a dear friend called me a “pathological optimist”. He said it as an insult. I remember taking it as a compliment.

The other day I saw Gloria Steinem on Super Soul Sunday (which I tape and love) (Opera in conversation with  lots of wise teachers).

Gloria said she was a hope-aholic. I like that one.

I remember parents warning their children saying “don’t get your hopes up.” And I also remember thinking “why not?”

And recently someone said to me “it's not set in stone so don’t get excited yet.” And I almost barked back; “why not let me have the thrill of imagining it might happen? And then if it doesn’t, believe I’ll live through the disappointment.”

I'd rather have the big emotions than sit on possibility. I think an A plus and an F are better than C minus. When did we get so frightened of highs and lows? Unless of course the kid is constantly let down. That’s different. I’m talking about the ordinary once in a while change of plans. Isn’t learning about change a way of learning how to be flexible?

I know you will have a take on this. I also know I could be wrong.

So write to each other.

And write to me.

The word "hope-aholic...."

1. Write for ten minutes without stopping, thinking or censoring yourself.

2. Post your writing in the comments below this post.

3. Include what classes you've taken (and when) and a short bio if you like. 

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