Blog 18: Your Feelings this Holiday Season...

It's that time of year again. It used to be very hard for me.

As a kid running outside on Christmas morning to the “whatja get whatja get” refrain. Sleds with slick runners and dolls that could talk and wet and walkie talkies and train sets with real smoke.

I had no answer. I think I hung my head and whispered “We’re Jewish. I didn’t get anything.”

The Rabbis told us not to compare Chanukah with Christmas but how could an eight-year old understand such a concept? The two holidays came at the same time of the year. Schools only sang carols and the only symbols I saw were the manger (which fascinated me)  and the gorgeous trees decorated with magical mystical glittery and glamorous tinsel and teeny white lights and stars and angels.

Chanukah just couldn’t hold a candle. I suffered from an extreme case of Christmas Envy.

This year with a grandchild there is no competition and no envy. I got to light the candles on the menorah the first night and the last night with him.

And here I am today gift wrapping everything in sight.

God doesn’t make a distinction. There is no guilt. There is no choice. There is only joy.

Merry everything ya’all.

Prompt: Write about your feelings about this holiday season.

 1. Write for ten minutes without stopping, thinking or censoring yourself.

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