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I started the Chilmark Writing Workshop after I had been to writing groups that destroyed me and everyone else in the room. I learned early on that Creativity requires safety. I’m all about process not product. That is not to say that folks don’t end up with books, articles, blogs, songs, poetry collections, and screenplays….Everything!  But my goal (which is always realized) is to keep it safe so people can go deep, take risks, and be real. I have one rule and that is when you finish reading we will tell you WHAT WE LOVE!  That’s it.

People from every stage in their writing life, from published writers to folks who have been journaling, from medical writers who just want to write straight from the heart to kids in high school who want to perfect their college essays, to writers who don’t know how to begin their memoirs come to this sacred circle where they are guaranteed laughter and tears and tons of words that will flow because they feel unjudged. There is no competition. Everyone becomes a cheerleader and everyone listens hard.  Writers leave with a clear sense of their voices. I am good at putting the censor to sleep and re- awakening the passion for truth and language.

In the summer I teach at my cabin on Martha’s Vineyard and in the winter I travel to Costa Rica for Omega, Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox, Mass, Esalen in Big Sur and privately for book clubs  who just want a weekend to re-juice or jumpstart their own writing.