The NEW Chilmark Writing Workshop Website

Built by Eli Dagostino, my new website is organized, simple, and beautiful. On the home page you’ll find my mission statement “Creativity Requires Safety” and three videos of me. There are then pages to learn about me, my Martha’s Vineyard workshops, my national workshops, and of course to see what the Press has been saying about me. There is now a store where you can order my book via Amazon and my NPR commentaries both on casette and CD. Finally, there is the contact page which contains a clear and concise form to get in touch with me with.


The NEW Newsletter

Also built by Eli Dagostino, my new newsletter is similarly organized, simple, and beautiful. Mimicking the website, in place of the text normally on the homepage image which reads “Writing from the heart FINDING YOUR OWN VOICE workshops with Nancy Slonim Aronie,” you’ll find the title and focus of my letter to you. In this case, “Introducing my new website, newsletter and *business* I HAVE BIG NEWS!”


*The NEW Business*

This is what I’ve been waiting to tell you about! Eli Dagostino and I have partneted to create what we’re calling Nancy on Your Journey. For the past month and a half we’ve been working tirelessly to create for you! Click on the logo to the right to be transported to the NEW AND NEVER BEFORE SEEN Nancy on Your Journey WEBSITE to see what we’ve been working on. NOTE: The first video and content was released TODAY, and Nancy on Your Journey is officially accepting subscribers!

I find incredible joy in helping others. Eli has taught me the value of my skills are and I hope you’ll support my new endeavour.